Why natural burial?

Why Choose a Natural Burial at Clayton Wood?

A natural burial is ideal for those looking for a more environmentally friendly method of burial, providing a green alternative to a traditional cemetery or graveyard. Natural burial requires all coffins, caskets and urns to be completely biodegradable to minimise the impact on the local eco-system. Graves are marked with wooden plaques rather than traditional headstones, to biodegrade naturally over time.

Sustainable methods are used in maintaining the natural burial ground with surroundings kept as natural as possible to encourage biodiversity. The land used at Clayton Wood natural burial ground will continue to benefit the local community, through its eventual use as new woodland within the South Downs National Park.


Why create a new woodland?

Woodlands and trees are essential to life and have numerous benefits for both wildlife and people.

  • Provide shelter
  • Absorb and store carbon
  • Generate oxygen
  • Provide fuel and food
  • Rejuvenate and stabilise the soil
  • Create habitats for wild flora and fauna

Some natural woodland burial sites choose to bury between mature trees and whilst this may look immediately appealing this could destroy existing delicate surface roots, affecting the long term health of the trees. Our aim at Clayton Wood burial ground is to create a new wood through the planting of native trees, thereby adding to the country’s tree numbers.

The native trees we plant provide an ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife, helping to sustain the surrounding environment.

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What our clients say...

  • My daughter and I were so impressed with the caring and efficient way the staff at Clayton Wood helped us to meet my late wife's wish for a natural burial. We wanted it to be a dignified but happy occasion - the celebration of a life - and by working with us in a most sympathetic and helpful manner they…
  • After the death of my 16 year old son arranging the funeral became my obsession. It had to be befitting for my ‘magnificent son’. Once the arrangements were made deciding where to inter his ashes became the next obsession. It had to be just right. Somewhere peaceful. Somewhere he would have liked. Somewhere where I would want to return. Several options were…
  • My wife and I often discussed the merits of cremation or burial and eventually decided on burial-but the idea of churchyards with their rows of tombstones did not appeal, and most of the ones we had seen were derelict and overgrown. We both decided we would like a woodland burial, where from the afterlife, we could commune with nature. Over…
  • Clayton Wood burial ground is such a peaceful and stunning place, it is a comfort to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the area each time we visit. The moment our family came to view Clayton Wood in our time of need, there was no question that this had to be the special place where our son was to…
  • From my first  visit to Clayton 'burial Ground' office, I was overwhelmed by the sensitivity and kindness shown to me by Teague and Karen. Without exception, my questions and requests were gently dealt with.  Having to cope on my own, they literally “held my hand” throughout the decisions and formalities, ensuring I understood all that was required. The grounds are well…
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