Wildlife at Clayton Wood

We are working with the Wildlife Trust to develop a long-term conservation plan, as part of our commitment to sustainable management. Our aim is to create beautiful natural native woodland that will link up with two other existing woods, creating migration corridors for wildlife.

Our team of dedicated groundsmen ensure that a wide variety of woodland trees, plants and wildlife thrive throughout the year.

Our grounds may appear unkempt at certain times of the year. For example, the grass may be left long and vegetation uncut. This is to protect nesting birds and create natural habitats that are more favourable for wildlife, such as butterflies and bees.


Bulbs and flower planting

We take care to remove any unnatural materials left behind at our grounds and request that only native bulbs and flowers are planted on burial or cremated remains plots.

Details of native bulbs and flowers that can be planted at Clayton Wood natural burial ground can be seen on the planting information page, or on our planting information pdf.


Clayton Wood are working with the Wildlife Trust to ensure a programmed planting of native trees, creating a woodland habitat in keeping with the local area for this scenic woodland burial site.

To ensure the long term health of the wood we have a planned management programme for our trees. This will entail trimming, lopping and even cutting down trees to ensure an ongoing cycle of growth. When any tree cutting or clearance work is undertaken, we ensure the waste wood is used to provide log pile habitats for invertebrates and amphibians.

To avoid any possible upset to families and for the benefit of all, trees will not be planted on individual graves but will be planted around them. You will not own or have an individual tree but will have several nearby.


Boxes have been installed around Clayton Wood to provide homes for birds and bats. The bird boxes are designed to attract great, blue, marsh, coal and crested tits, nuthatches and tree and house sparrows.

Pond life

As well as our resident fish, our pond has a healthy invertebrate community with water boatmen, pondskaters, cased caddis, damselfly larvae, beetle larvae, water hoglouse, gammarus and snails.


The Wildlife Trust conducted amphibian surveys in 2016 and we were delighted to find great crested and palmate newts in the channel leading into the pond. Great crested newts are a protected species under wildlife law so should not be disturbed if seen.


Our bats might include crevice dwelling species such as all three species of pipistrelle bat (Common, sopranoand Nathusius’), Noctule and Daubenton’s bat.

What our clients say...

  • My daughter and I were so impressed with the caring and efficient way the staff at Clayton Wood helped us to meet my late wife's wish for a natural burial. We wanted it to be a dignified but happy occasion - the celebration of a life - and by working with us in a most sympathetic and helpful manner they…
  • After the death of my 16 year old son arranging the funeral became my obsession. It had to be befitting for my ‘magnificent son’. Once the arrangements were made deciding where to inter his ashes became the next obsession. It had to be just right. Somewhere peaceful. Somewhere he would have liked. Somewhere where I would want to return. Several options were…
  • My wife and I often discussed the merits of cremation or burial and eventually decided on burial-but the idea of churchyards with their rows of tombstones did not appeal, and most of the ones we had seen were derelict and overgrown. We both decided we would like a woodland burial, where from the afterlife, we could commune with nature. Over…
  • Clayton Wood burial ground is such a peaceful and stunning place, it is a comfort to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the area each time we visit. The moment our family came to view Clayton Wood in our time of need, there was no question that this had to be the special place where our son was to…
  • From my first  visit to Clayton 'burial Ground' office, I was overwhelmed by the sensitivity and kindness shown to me by Teague and Karen. Without exception, my questions and requests were gently dealt with.  Having to cope on my own, they literally “held my hand” throughout the decisions and formalities, ensuring I understood all that was required. The grounds are well…
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